Dutch weather sucks

21 02 2008

It is só unpredictable, or should I call that predictable? It is never what you want it to be! You really need a clear sky; it looks good, it seems to stay good, and then… The ”moment suprème”: Clouds, mist, heavy overcast!

Why does it matter?

Well, I was seriously planning to stay awake all night last night to be able to observe the lunar eclipse. I am a moon-girl. I love the full moon, I feel extra good when the moon is full. On a good summer-night I take my horse out riding when the full moon is out. And when the sky is clear (guess how often that happens in the Netherlands)

And not only a full eclipse, but also a unique stellar conjunction, such as we’ll never see again in our lifetime!

So, everything seemed auspicious: a full moon, a fifty minute window around 04.00, camera and stand at the ready, clear sky, had made a test-photo: looking good! I thought I’d treat you’all on a nice red moon. And you will guess: at 02.20 am: overcast, mist, absolutely nothing!
And the next lunar-eclipse is in 2010!!!

So, I went to bed, by that time it was 03.00 am. I’m dead tired and have a headache and I stole this photo from ”Nasa Astronomy Picture of the day”. It is by Johannes Schedler and much better than anything I could have made.




This is what we missed, from todays’ Astronomy Picture of the day:


Eclipsed Moonlight
Credit & Copyright: Jerry Lodriguss (Catching the Light) Explanation: Moon watchers blessed with clear skies over the Americas, Europe, Africa and western Asia enjoyed a total lunar eclipse this week. Catching eclipsed moonlight, astroimager Jerry Lodriguss offers this view of the inspiring celestial event with the shadowed Moon accompanied by wandering planet Saturn at the left, and bright Regulus, alpha star of the constellation Leo, above. The engaging composite picture was made by combining a filtered, telephoto image of the Moon and surrounding starfield with a telescopic exposure. The combination dramatizes the reddened moonlight while clearly showing the variation of brightness and color in Earth’s not-so-dark shadow across the lunar surface.



6 responses

22 02 2008

I guess disappointing weather is a universal thing, huh! I’m sorry you missed your photo op… but 2010 is only two years off. Maybe we’ll both be luckier then.
You may enjoy the photo on today’s post on my blog…
Thanks for your encouragement, my friend. 🙂

22 02 2008

I adore full moon. I even have a poem in my blog:”In the hope of full moon”

Sometimes i really want to go and live on the moon. Isnt it wonderful? 🙂

22 02 2008

Full moon is so romantic! Aahh!

The photos are beautiful. How’s your headache though? And how that foot?

We couldn’t observe the lunar eclipse here in the Gulf 😦

23 02 2008

Lofter: pfff, two more years. It is no problem encouriging a friend. The problem is encouriging onesself!

Sharhrazad: I’ve read your poem: it is beautiful! (as always) I’d love to use it in a painting. Perheaps we could work together? You translate the first two stanzas, and I make a painting and copy them in it.

Achelois: a moon eclipse is so fascinating! And they happen much more often as a sun eclipse.
headache: gone
Ankle: bad
As Lofter said: there will be other eclipses!

23 02 2008
Broken Mystic

That is a really nice picture of the eclipse. Much better than the one I posted on my blog!

But I got to see the eclipse and it was really wonderful. You will get your chance to see another one, don’t worry 🙂 Beauty is always present.

24 02 2008
Amina Ae Sook

I was sitting there with my laptop blissfully unaware of the eclipse until I overheard a few people talking about the eclipse and going to the fifth floor to watch it. I was thus able to catch it. The moon looks pretty cool in brownish red. One can also see why people in the past may have scared by looking at an ‘abnormal ‘moon.

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