Horse in the Alhambra 2

17 02 2008

The painting of Trabag is in its first stage, just monochrome colouring, but everything is at its place. From now on it’s just a lot of work. I sometimes start an oil-painting this way too, but this is going to be in gouache.


The whole series is very much inspired on Mughal Miniatures from the British Museum. I never go there without having a look at my particular favorites. They are often quite flat, space-wise,but I’m noticing the space in the paintings is getting deeper. Trabag has quite a lot of depth.

moghul_miniature_amberhead.jpg. . moghul_miniature.jpg

The Alhambra horses are also quite small, 15cm by 15cm, and painted with gouache, and embellished with real gold and silver leaf. I sometimes put them into real space, and sometimes I just use tiles or a stone-grid as a background.

This is the ”Quarto Dorado”


And different ways the horses are put in:






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17 02 2008

GOD, you’re very talented.
There is an artist in Iran who just paint horses like you in different background. Master Mahjoubi is his name. His daughter just paint cats.. 🙂

17 02 2008

Dear Shahrzad, I’ve been very depressed about my art, and it’s very nice to get some positive comments!
Do you have a website for master Mahjoubi?

18 02 2008

That is just brilliant. It does have a touch of Mughal miniatures.

18 02 2008

Your work is beutiful. I love it. Your horses against a background of Middle-Eastern inspired achitecture fill me with a sense of…How shall I say? Emotional freedom? Youthful passion? A vision of Heaven? Yes.

I was a painter of horses in my youth. It was a passion I had to give up in deference to the necessity of having to work and support myself. Your art reminds me that youthful passion still exists, and not only restricted to youth.

18 02 2008

The first horse looks beautiful moreso because we can see the actual development of the painting from the sketch up till now. Very beautiful!

I just finished painting a dragon on a glass vase. Will email you the photo 🙂

Beautful horses! I showed them to my daughter who wants to join the Glasgow School of Arts some day and she just loved your art. She is even naming your horses so I’ll update you on that too.

18 02 2008

Their family site is under construction. (his son and his daughter are also artists).

But his daughter site is working:

Here you can find some of his works and a little bio:

18 02 2008

my comment went to moderation. Let me know what you think abt his art. 🙂

18 02 2008
From An Iranian To The World II « Shahrazad

[…] I am really amazed with Aafke and her art works, i dedicated this last art work to her beautiful soul. She is in love with horses and paints them. […]

18 02 2008

She, my friend… I’m not the only one who insists that you’re amazing. 😀

18 02 2008

Achelois: It must be better, because the others are already a couple of years ago, besides, the originals are in Spain, in a gallery, and these were just fairly bad colour-copies I put under the scanner.

I’d love to see the vase! I’m looking forward to the names your daughter is going to come up with! I must post more, 🙂 and there are new ones to come which really need names, so I’ll be reffering to your daughter then.

I’ve visited Glasgow School of Arts. A stunning building naturally, but as an art-college it seemed very good to me too. I would have loved studying there!

Shahrazad, Thank you for the links: very beautiful art-works, and the intro to the Farzaneh site is like a lovely fairy story
And thanks for the ping-thing: higher stats!

19 02 2008

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your talent and art with us.

20 02 2008
Broken Mystic

I really like the last painting! The composition is just beautiful!

21 02 2008
Amina Ae Sook

You are one accomplished artist. You also illustrate books right? Lets see sculpting, painting, sketching everything. Is there something that you don’t do? 😛

21 02 2008

All in time, Amina, I want to keep ya’all interested!
I’m really bad at athletic sports. And getting jobs, and making money.

10 02 2016
sharyn McAlister

Brilliant extremely loved painted horses 😊

10 02 2016

Thank you and welcome to my blog!

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