15 02 2008

I have been tagged again! I understand that in Blogsphere it is pretty cool to get tagged, so I’m feeling pretty cool right now! 🙂

Thanks Achelois! http://achelois.wordpress.com/2008/02/15/blogistorical-meme/#comments

1. Post these rules before presenting your list.

2. List 6 actions or achievements you think every person should accomplish before turning 18.

3. There are no conditions on what can be included on the list.

4. At the end of your blog, choose 6 people to get tagged and list their names.

5. People who are tagged write their own blog entry with their 6 suggestions.

6. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged.

7. Optional: You can include the image of the ridiculous Reese’s Puffs list in your post as a reference.

So, the six things I should every ‘person’ (male and female of any faith, colour or creed) should accomplish before turning 18 are:

  1. Learn at least two foreign languages
  2. you must have owned at least one intelligent pet-animal, and have learned to understand it. So you will realise for the rest of your life that the ”Superior Human Intellect” has it’s limits.
  3. Learn about other cultures and visit other religions churches/temples/mosques
  4. Go trekking; on foot, bicycle, horse. Experience nature while being part of it.
  5. Engage in activities for charity, human rights, animal rights environment.
  6. Tell your parents you love them (unless you’re unlucky and your’s are real bastards)

So, I’m tagging in my turn:

American Bedu

Umm lol cats



Saudi Bridget Jones

And Tony/tasmaniac: eliminating your blog doesn’t mean we’re letting you off alltogether!



12 responses

15 02 2008

But what if your life started at 18? Then what do you do?

15 02 2008

I say that from experience. I did these but after some time.

15 02 2008

I só agree Johandost, but it is not my meme. I would have said before you are 30 or something!
It was the first thing that came into my mind when I read the meme! 🙂

15 02 2008

From your list, i did 1,3,5,6 before 18 I had some fish if you mind them as intelligent pet-animal 😀

I started trekking since 18 yrs old. I traveled so much after that. Almost whole Iran and some other countries. And as Jahandost says, i think i started my life since 18 years old too. Since the time i got independent and had my own house in other city, far away parents. 😛

15 02 2008

This was fun, wasn’t it?!

15 02 2008

Achelois: Yes!

Shahrzad: I agree the timeframe is too limited, for example the trekking bit: one should perheaps be a bit older, depends on where and with whom you’re trekking and how many years you’ve had martial arts training 🙂

15 02 2008

OK… just remember, you asked for it!
Tagged… An Open Invitation! 😀

16 02 2008
Tagged… An Open Invitation! « Life at the Foot of the Stairs

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17 02 2008
Amina Ae Sook

Although I have done all these, there is one very real problem – You said learn at least two foreign languages but did not say anything about still being able to speak or read these after 5 years. 🙂

21 02 2008
Amina Ae Sook

Yikes almost forgot about these. Will do it right now ….

21 02 2008
The 6 Things Tag « Umm LOLCats

[…] Things Tag Published February 21, 2008 Uncategorized Tags: 6 things, tag Well I have been tagged by Aafke who this that it pretty cool to be tagged. Well you asked for it Aafke, pretty soon I am going to […]

21 02 2008
Amina Ae Sook

Ok done, finally!

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