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8 02 2008

I’ve been tagged by Amina Ae Sook: ”Umm-LOL-Cats”!!!

And Thanks. Pfffff…..

  1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages) (I will add to this, for the visitors benefit: an english one)
  2. Open the book on page 123
  3. Find the fifth sentence
  4. Post the next three sentences
  5. Tag five people

Here is my book page:

”This work makes explicit the dislike and fear of female sexual power which features in the works of the period, the animal nature of femininity becoming literal as wel as metaphorical. However, in his notorious play Salome of 1892, Wilde expands his vision to equate female sexuality with destruction and death. One of his chief inspirations was Joris-Karl Huysmans’ description in A Rebours of Salome as portrayed in an oil painting by Gustave Moreau: ”the symbolic incarnation of undying lust…” . Moreau, inspired by Indian and Persian miniatures for many of his incandescent paintings, achieved the effect of emphasizing the dangerous seductiveness of Salome by the concentration of glittering colour and the play of light on her jewellery and skin (plate 7.9).” From: ”Art Nouveau 1890-1914”

I have to admit, I am really amazed. I look up towards my bookshelves, pick the first english book I see, and I get a quote that somehow just seems to be related to half of the stuff I’ve been reading the past few days, on several blogs, and the book I’m currently reading (in another room): Women, Art and Society. This is really weird!

Male readers: please explain why men are só scared of women. And what nonsense: ”emphasizing the dangerous seductiveness of Salome..” As if any man, anywhere, minds being seduced. Duuhhh. And what danger? Are we going to eat them? No, please, man-bozo’s, explain this, please.

And here is the painting this excerpt was mentioning. If you really did read all that arty-b…sh.t, you are entitled to see it:


I now have a problem: I don’t like chain-mail. And I don’t know who to tag anyway. Tasmaniac has been pre-tagged by Lofter, (thank you Lofter; usurper) most blogs I visit are by really serious intelligent bloggers who probably will be irritated by being tagged by an upstart silly blogger like me.

Will you let me off if I give you a Manga-version of ”Umm-LOL-cats, Superhero-ine” Amina? (Just adding another dangerous, seductive, female to the universe)




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8 02 2008

So you got this thing too, I was tagged by Lofter. Before I tag someone else I thought I’d check who already had been got,
Looks like you’re safe from my tagging 🙂

8 02 2008

Tasmaniac, you’re a man. Why are men scared of women?

8 02 2008

Why are men acared of women? WHY are men SCARED of women?! Well, I can only speak for myself, and I’m almost certain the remainder of mankind would rather I not speak for them, but here it goes…

I, personally, am not scared of women. I probably should be, but I’m not – evidenced by the fact that I’ve been married three times. However, I have seen firsthand (three times) what the wrath of a woman (supposedly the ‘weaker vessel’) can do. I’ve bought three houses in my life – the first two were taken by women. Did I get equity? Nope. But I did get to leave. (The third woman already owned a home when we married, so I didn’t technically lose a house in that deal… just got to leave.) I am adamantly opposed to violence, of any kind, physical or emotional, and believe that women should be treated with respect. (But, I expect the same in return.) Sometimes, especially with other men, this respect is perceived as weakness or fear. That is simply an error in judgment on their part.
Seriously, men fear women for the same reasons women fear men. If you allow yourself to fall in love, you become extremely vulnerable. Vulnerability without total trust = fear. Fear too often leads to deception (i.e., not being totally open about how you truly feel for fear of offending the other person). Deception, at almost any level = Rejection. And, whether anyone will admit or not, the fear of rejection is a very powerful thing. Most often it leads to seclusion, as one would rather suffer the loneliness rather than risk the rejection.
I’ve written on this subject several times… but perhaps one of my more popular poems would better express the sentiments. It’s called Negotiations, and addresses the ongoing conflict between a heart that wants to love and trust, even if it hurts, and a mind that wants to protect itself from the fear and possible pain.
Maybe I answered your question… or maybe I didn’t. But you’ve got to admit, I did take up quite a bit of space in your comment section! 😀

9 02 2008

>>Male readers: please explain why men are só scared of women. And >>what nonsense:
This is a generalization and like all generalization there may be a bit of truth in this but it is not outrightly correct. A case in point – every person’s mother is a woman.

10 02 2008
Umm lol Cats superheroine Manga « Umm LOLCats

[…] very talented and artful Aafke has created a manga version of Umm lol cats the superheroine. All of you supervillians out there end your trouble making regimes because Umm […]

10 02 2008
Amina Ae Sook

Aafke, Why are men afraid of us? Its simple. Deep down they do know that we rule so they spread this misinformation about us.

11 02 2008

Lofter and johandost: you are right, I agree. When I write stuff like that you may take it with a pinch of salt.
johandost: Welcome to my blog.

However, I’ve been thinking about it a bit. While one shouldn’t generalise, because it is never correct when applied to real people. It is somehow irritating me that I get these (completely true) remarks. So, in speaking in the interest of womanhood, we should not generalise.
But, for two thousand years the writings of men have been generalising women and have been putting them down time and time again.
Through the millenia, you see in (western) history how women have been getting more rights back, and recognision for their achivements, only to see them taken away again. By men, under the guise of religion, their ”established” inferiority, the falsification of history. the twisting of ”science”, etc. It really bugs me!!!!

As mentioned: I’m reading ”Women in Art and Society” which puts all these injustices nicely together. And is a bit inflammatory.

So, when I speak in jest I’m to curb my words because its not fair to generalise. But centuries of generalisation, and marginalisation of women still have their sway in our societies.

It reminds me of something I read a while back: (It’s based on a dutch proverb)
*’Where two are quarreling, the wisest must give way’
-> So if we do that, the world will be ruled by the foolish*

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