A Horse in the Alhambra

6 02 2008

Where shall I start… When I was 10 years old my parents took us to Spain, and, to do something cultural, they took us to the Alhambra Palace, Granada. I was completely wiped out, boiled over, and in love. I had many dreams about it.


The Alhambra Palace


I went back some time ago, armed with three cameras and 30 rolls of film!!!


The best dream went thus: I was a cook. In the Alhambra. But I didn’t know what to cook, and I didn’t have any food. I was led to a courtyard, there were a couple of zebras and ponies. No go, I’m not going to cook horses and zebras!

Then a fat Arab came, he showed me the cutest horse: half horse, half zebra. And so cheerful! Never! This horse was not going to be cooked either!

So, no dinner. But a very nice dream, good party, and everybody was very happy, and it started a series of Gouache paintings which one day will be: ”One Hundred Horses in the Alhambra”

This is Rabhar in the Alhambra

A white Arab in the Alhambra

A frisian!


And this is going to be the next one: A spotted Arab called Trabag. I found an old picture of this horse in a book, must be some weird genetic anomaly because there are no pure spotted Arabs. (the Americans like to breed near pure Arabs which are spotted, but they are never truly Asil) I like weird coloured horses for the ”One Hundred Horses”


And tomorrow I’ll start on this one, perhaps a new post then to show you, dear visitors, how it is progressing.



18 responses

6 02 2008

Wow… you’re talent never ceases to impress me. Excellent.

7 02 2008
Amina Ae Sook

O wow, this is great. You are a talented person. This can only mean one thing – now I believe that you are a woman. :p

7 02 2008

LOL Amina! Only a woman would’ve said that! Now I know that you’re one, too! :-p

7 02 2008

And we know you aren’t! }:)

8 02 2008
Amina Ae Sook

Lofter, no I am just pretending to be one. lol

8 02 2008

Wow, really great art, I really love the 1/2 zebra one

Gasp, shock, horror!!!
You mean Amina is a woman too????
Will the astoundments never cease….

8 02 2008

And your avatar shows your feelings of astonishment so well!

I have not been able to work on the (I think twenty-seventh’) horse in the Alhambra yet.
I had to make phone-calls and write e-mails due to the current crisis.

9 02 2008

Hee, Tasmaniac! Where is your blog? I’ll miss it! What’s up? Where are you?
Are you at least going to pass by and blurk?

10 02 2008
Amina Ae Sook

Tsmaniac, Now you will say that you are nor a woman, han?

12 02 2008

I just LOVE the sketches! I especially like Rabhar and Frisian. Being into visual arts myself (without a formal degree in it) I can truly appreciate what you have done here.

Have you read Edward Said’s “Andalusia’s Journey”? Your horses are so majestic they reminded me of the essay.

Do you mind if I publicise this post on my blog?

You are so talented, dear Aafke.

12 02 2008

Achelois: art has nothing to do with formal degrees, I think one is always in essence selftought. The advantage of Art-school is that you have a couple of years where you can completely focus, and have the advantage of being introduced to a lot of different techniques.
And you can talk a lot about art.
Which is rather boring.

I’ve been to the Academy-Minerva in the Netherlands, and I did a Masters degree at the Royal College of Art in London.

I was considered tacky and kitsch at Art-college, and I paint to many horses. And it was wrong to be figurative anyway.
In London they didn’t care so much. As long as you are good at what you do.

No, haven’t read it. Will try and look it up!
You may certainly post it on your blog, I love those increased blog-stats. Even if they’re only blurkers!

15 02 2008

Love your blog!
I have been to Spain with my sister for about 35 days back in 1984 after graduating from college(yes I am that old!). We went to Madrid and the Costa del Sol but most of the time we spent was in Andalusia. It was one of the happiest times in my life.
I fell in love with Alhambra and Flamenco on that trip. One of my dreams is to go see Alhambra again.

Love your art. My smaller son loves art and horses like you. He is 11. As for me, when I grow up I want to be an artist 🙂

15 02 2008

“I love those increased blog-stats” – I know. In the beginning they gave me near-orgasmic thrills too! 😉

15 02 2008

Day before yesterday was the worst! below the 10-mark!!!

16 02 2008

You’re absolutely talented. Am proud of you Aafke 🙂

16 02 2008

Extraordinary photos and paintings!

17 02 2008

You have a real gift, dear Sister, the line and form and musculature are wonderful 🙂 Bravo!!

21 05 2009
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