Role models

11 01 2008

I have role models, I suppose everyone admires some people in youth, which inspire them to become better persons. Or worse ones, depending on your role model (you could chose Hitler for examle). I would love to know other peoples role models! It’s a very interesting subject. I’ll keep it nicely superficial for myself, and introduce my role models from fiction, movies and some real people from the past.


My first one was Pippi. A fictional character by Astrid Lindgren. Pippi lived alone in an great wonky house. Her father was a pirate king, and lived far away on the island Taka-Tuka. He had already taught her all she needed to know. Pippi had a horse on the veranda, a big traveling bag full of gold coins, and a little monkey called mr Nielsson. She was very strong so nobody could harm her. This really is my ideal form of existence. Except for mr Niellson, I’m not very keen on monkeys. I’ll take a man instead. But perheaps that wouldn’t really make much difference.

And lets not forget Mary Poppins: ”Perfect in Every Way” I try to be like her, but, as far as perfection in every way goes, I’m a big failure. But I’ll keep on trying.cooljulie_andrews_as_mary_poppins.jpg

Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, She is sóóóó cooool. She was the only female bridge-officer on the USS Enterprise. She was usually just eye-candy, but when she did get to play a part in the mission, she was always cool intelligent and courageous. And devastatingly beautiful.

Emmely Pankhurst: A beautiful and intelligent and couragious woman. ”Votes for women”, as we all know, and with what perseverance! ”Never give up! Never surrender!” cool_pankhurst203.jpg

Queen Baudicea: Kicked the romans’ asses in Britannia when they were virtually unbeatable!



Judith: from the apocrypha (stories that have been edited out of the bible because some old geezer didn’t like them, way back in the past) Judith defended her city, and got rid of warlord Holofernes by chopping his head off.

And I’ll combine this with: Armetisia Gentellichi

who made the painting. She was one of the greatest painters of her time! Offcourse nobody knows that, because her paintings have all been attributed to her: father, husband, pupils, or any other male artist. Thereby neatly erasing her from art-history. She was raped as a young girl, and her father went to court (for damage to his property) and she was tortured. Because the man said he didn’t do it. And as women are notorious liars, and men always tell the truth, naturally it was reasonable to torture her and see if she kept the story up. Now when other painters use this subject, they paint Judith as some weak silly girl sitting half-naked in Holofernesses tent looking cute, with a useless penknife in their boneless white fingers. Armetisia, (who looked remarkably like this Judith) painted forceful Judiths, cheerfully sawing away at the bastards’ necks with big swords.


Officer Ripley: I had many nightmares after watching Aliens! I do think the first movie (Alien) was better, but the second was more fun. I wasn’t allowed to see these in the theatre, as I was much too young, and they are much to scary! There are these horrible mega strong creatures: the ”Aliens” and they abduct little girl Newt just as they are close to escape. That is, the very small number who made it so far. The movie has a fairly high body-count. And Ripley gets a couple of guns, and goes after them, right into the very nest itself! And, against all odds, manages to safe Newt! I don’t think I could have done that, but I would definitely like to be so incredibly courageous!!!


And a quick look at two other movie-characters: Selene, protecting the man she loves.coolseleneprotects.jpg

And Trinity. Not the leadrole in the movie, (Matrix) but definitely the coolest character! Also ready to die for the man she loves. And he would have died if it hadn’t been for her. (And the same goes for the two sequels)


Now, I am unfortunately, too old to have been brought up with ”Xena, the warrior princess”. But I recommend any young girl to watch at least one episode a week. Xena used to be bad, but has repented, and now spends her life making amends and helping other people and fighting for Good! She has high morals and code of ethics. Oh, yea, and is virtually undefeatable!




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